Instructions for abstracts authors

Scientists wishing to present a poster are invited to return a 1-page abstract before June 15th, 2018 by using the registration page on

Abstracts must be in English. File type must be .docx or .doc. Please follow the style guidelines given in the abstract example below.

Margins must be (4x2,5cm). The title should be two lines maximum. Use an asterisk in superscript to indicate the person who will be presenting the paper. The abstract should contain the following sections: Introduction, Materials and Methods, Discussion and References. These subtitles must be used in the text. 

Example Abstract format (Word)
Poster specifications A0 format (84x118cm)

Deadline of abstract submission was June 15th 2018

Abstract submission is closed since June 18th 2018 

Abstract changes will no longer be accepted after July 7th 2017.

Short oral presentations about the posters

On Thursday 4 and Friday 5 October 2018, oral presentations about the posters will be given. If you like to present Please mention this in the registration page. Selection is based on the poster abstracts submitted.

The short presentations will be in Dutch, French or English. The slides of the presentation must be in English. Duration will be maximum 10 min followed by 5-minute discussion period. Notification of selection will occur no later then July, 7th 2017.

Poster Awards (BSFM/ICFMH): Excellence in food microbiology research

BSFM poster award: Selection of the best general poster on food microbiology - Awarded by BSFM – 1000 euro (for participation to an international conference + free access next year for 24th CFM of BSFM )

ICFMH poster award: Selection of the best poster in the particular area "Novel approaches for combating food-borne pathogens” – Awarded by ICFMH - 500 euro (for participation to an international conference)

This second award is restricted to a developing or junior scientist as described in the ICFMH guidelines: that implies that the author should be undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate student, including those who have graduated not more than 1 year prior to the deadline for submitting abstracts; first author; and the research presented must be original research.

  • Undergraduate = a student studying to get Bsc degree or that holds Bsc degree (ink on his diploma is less than 1 year old prior to the deadline for abstract submission)
  • Graduate = a student studying for his Msc or that has got the Msc degree (ink on his diploma is less than 1 year old prior to the deadline for abstract submission)
  • Postgraduate student = student with Msc degree studying for a PhD (no matter in which year of her/his PhD studies) or studying for a second Msc degree or any other postgraduate program.

Possibility to publish a full paper of the abstract in an special issue of ICFMH

Thanks to the collaboration with the International Committee on Food Microbiology and Hygiene (ICFMH), there is the possibility of publishing a full paper of your abstract in an special issue of the International Journal of Food Contamination.

Only abstracts the field of “Microbial Food Safety and Hygiene” can be entered for publication.

If you would like to publish, please mention this on the registration form. Selection will be based on the poster abstract submitted. Further steps in the selection proces will be initiated by the editor-in chef Andreja Rajkovic. Please take note that there are publishing costs.

More information on publication in International Journal of Food Contamination and costs can be found on