Registration Sponsors

Booth (2m): October 10nd & 11th, 2024:1.250€
Booth (2m) & social event: October 10nd & 11th, 2024:1.400€
Publicity: 1 page in proceeding book (color print) (word or pub):345€
Free sponsoring


  • Sponsors complete the online registration form with current, complete and accurate information.
  • Sponsors select the applicable sponsoring.
  • Sponsors that register receive an invoice with payment details via e-mail.
  • If, after receipt of the invoice, it appears that the information is incorrect, an administrative fee of 10 euro will be charged if a new invoice is required.
  • Sponsors make the payment of the registration fee. Payment should be received at the latest one month after receiving the invoice

Placement of the booths

The location of the booths is determined on the date of registration of the sponsorship on the online registration platform.

The booth includes the presence of 2 people per day. If additional persons from the company wish to participate in the conference, they must register by using the online application 'registration participants'.

Every sponsor is entitled to 1 free parking space on the conference site. For this we need the license plate of the car in question.
Please note that changes to the license plate are only possible until Friday, September 28, 2024. More information will be given after the registration of the sponsorship.


By registering for the conference, participants/sponsors agree that a list of participants exhibiting names and organisations will be established, and that photos will be taken and may be published for communication purposes. The attendance list will be published in het proceedings of the conference. Please contact beforehand if you do not want to have your picture published.

Registration sponsors